500,000 Prestige and costs 3,000,000 silver coins.
Alchemy Tokens


"Bears a holy tree on its back. This strong beast is blessed by the spirits of nature."

Available Skills:

Feign Weakness Level 8 Slot 3
Grass Wall Level 15 Slot 4
Stomp Level 19 Slot 1
Poison Petals Level 23 Slot 2
Razor Leaves Level 26 Slot 4
Nature Boost Level 50 Slot 3


To activate a talent, you will need an Premium Rune Gem.

Angel's Grace When your monster is defeated, your other monsters will have their health fully restored. Also removes existing debuffs.
Inheritance When your monster is defeated, the physical and magical defense of your next active monster receives a boost.
Taunt When the monster is in combat, all of your opponent's attacks will target your monster.
Poison Point-II After you've been injured, you have a decent chance of giving your opponent a poison debuff.
Fire Barrier When your monster is hit by a fire skill,it will not take as much as damage. Meanwhile,its physical attack increases.
Frigid When your opponent attacks you with ice skills, the damage you receive is reduced. Meanwhile, your monster's magical attack increases